... is a game of virtual breeding which perpetuates a millenary tradition...

A long time ago, the goddess Dragonea appeared to a man. He was lonely, he had lighted a big fire at the edge of the ocean and was looking at the horizon. Suddenly, a rain of sparks came out from the inferno and took the appearance of a giant dragon made of fire.

"I am Dragonea, mother of all the dragons in this world, and I need you to take care of my children, until the end of time." "I've chosen you, will you accept?"

"I accept it", he answered, while standing up.

"Good", said the goddess.

She took the man between her fearsome claws and flew over the ocean, he passed out. When he woke up, he was at the top of a giant volcano, in the middle of an island. By his side, there were enormous and shiny eggs.

The man hatched the eggs, which gave birth to the six original races of dragons.

Each one of the races created a city, and the man created a seventh one, where he built a temple for Dragonea. He baptized the island with the name of the goddess, and soon, other humans arrived in this sacred place.

As the man promised to the goddess, they took care of the dragons and their many childs.

... you too, now, if you want to, you can become a dragon breeder!

Come play with the 73543 registered players, 3 online right now.

To begin your journey on Dragonea, you have to choose your first dragon's race, name and gender...

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